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كيفية تشغيل رقمك على WhatsApp بعد حظره

كيفية تشغيل رقمك على WhatsApp بعد حظره

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ستقوم بارسال الرسالة التالية للدعم الفني على الايميل التالي

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 My Whatsapp account has deactivated by mistake

محتوى الرسالة

Whatsapp account has deactivated by mistake 

Could you active my phone number +212852555555 

my mobile model Gt-N7000 thanks in advance

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Solve my problem

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Dear Sirs

Deactivateting my Whatsapp account without any prior warning is not acceptable at all. I have been using the Whatsapp service for a while now in a proper manner, without sending any spam messages nor any unsolicited and inappropriate messages, and with that said you have managed to delete my account without prior notice Kindly take my case into consideration and get me exception from the Top Management my phone number is +212852555555

ستنتظر رسالة على الميل الخاص بك و في سنتظر على الاكثر 48 ساعة

حتي يتم فك الحظر عن رقمك 

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